vinyl floor careWhat are Vinyl Composition Tile Floors?

Vinyl tiles have various shapes and colors, and are generally 12" x 12" to 12" x 24" in size. They are designed to resemble wood, stone, terrazzo, concrete and other decorative patterns. Generally used for the low cost of installation, maintenance and replacement. Additionally, the base sealant and wax polymer layers applied to the surfaces of VCT provide abrasion and slip resistance to promote a safer environment in higher traffic areas.

Proper maintenance can achieve a “wet look” appearance that appeals to the eyes and gives a clean feel. Alternate surface types, such as Linoleum and Sheet Flooring, can also benefit from similar maintenance programs to achieve added visual brilliance. Waxed surfaces can be burnished and polished to harden polymer resistance and promote a lasting, vibrant luster.

What is the VCT Resilient Floor Care Program?

  • VCT Strip and Wax
    » Complete stripping and removal of all old and excess seals and waxes, and resealing and layering new coats of wax on tile.
    √ Recommended Frequency: 1x Annually or Biennially (Depending on traffic)
  • VCT Top Scrub and Recoat
    » Scrubbing and cleaning waxed surfaces to remove scratches and debris, and adding a couple layers of fresh wax on tile.
    √ Recommended Frequency: 1x Annually to 3x Annually (Depending on traffic)
  • VCT Burnishing and Polishing
    » Clean and burnish to smoothen waxed surfaces, and buffing/polishing to heat, harden and shine wax—creating a luster.
    √ Recommended Frequency: Weekly to Monthly (Depending on traffic)
  • VCT Regular Maintenance
    » Dust mop and wet mop using a mild pH7 Neutral Cleaner. Over mixing chemicals and free-standing water will soften wax.
    √ Recommended Finish: 17%-20% Solids; High-gloss for high traffic areas.


Recommended Products

Betco Ax-It Plus

We prefer stripping floors with Betco Ax-It Plus.Solvency pH13.5; Evaporating Liquefier; Low Rinse.Removes Carnauba and Microcrystalline Waxes,and Acrylic and Water-based Urethane Sealers.

Betco Hard As Nails Floor Finish

We highly recommended Betco Hard As Nails Floor Finish.Copolymer 17% Solids; High-Gloss; Hardest Film.Superior wearing and non-scuffing properties—easily repaired.High grab and lasting shine. Non-yellowing over time.