What are Terrazzo Floors?

Terrazzo Floor CareTerrazzo floors are stone aggregate composites consisting of marble, quartz, granite, glass and other chips poured into a cementitious or chemical binder. It is cured, ground, finished and polished to a smooth and uniformly textured surface. Cement- and polyacrylic based terrazzo and can be used indoors and outdoors, requiring a penetrating sealer from low porosity of absorption. Epoxy- and polyester-based terrazzo must be used indoors to avoid discolorations and peeling. The advantages of epoxy terrazzo over cementitious include more color varieties, thinner layers, lightweight, quicker installation, impermeable finish, greater endurance, and fewer cracks. Resinous terrazzo also does not require a penetration sealer, and surface sealers are utilized. Proper maintenance can achieve a “wet look” appearance that appeals to the eyes and gives a clean feel. Special duel system stone floor Diamond Polishing Pads must be used to properly bring a luster to course textured floors.

What is the Terrazzo and Aggregate Floor Care Program?

  • Terrazzo Strip, Impregnate/Seal and Polish
    » Complete penetration and revitalization of old sealers. Cleansing, resealing, and 2-step diamond polishing.
    √ Recommended Frequency: 1x Annually to 1x Quinquennially (Depending on traffic and sealer product)
  •  Terrazzo Top Scrub and Polish
    » Scrubbing and cleaning sealed surfaces to remove scratches and debris, and adding extra top seal.
    √ Recommended Frequency: 1x Annually to 3x Annually (Depending on traffic)
  • Terrazzo 2-Step Diamond Polishing
    » Clean and use 2-step Diamond Pad System to polish sealed surfaces—creating a luster.
    √ Recommended Frequency: Weekly to Monthly (Depending on traffic)
  • Terrazzo Regular Maintenance
    » Neutral cleaner only. Avoid cleaners containing water soluble, inorganic, or crystallizing salts, harmful alkali or acids.
    √ Recommended Finish: 25% Solids; Metal Cross-Linked Polymer; High-Gloss; Non-Powdering


Recommended Products

We seal Terrazzo with StoneTech Bullet Proof Sealer.  Water-Based Low Solids; Natural Look; Wet Resistance. Fully Impregnates and Seals Porous Terrazzo and Stone Aggregate Floors. Does Not Alter Coloration.


We highly recommended Hi-Shine 25 Floor Finish. Metal Cross-Linked Polymer; Ultra High-Gloss; Non-Powdering. Durable polymer; withstands marks, soils, scuffs and high traffic. High grab and excellent leveling on course surfaces