What are Ceramic Tile Floors?

Ceramic and Other Hard Tile Floor Care ProgramCeramic tiled floors are either glazed or unglazed porcelain, quary and terracotta. Alternately, brick, natural stone (slate and marble), concrete/cement, glass and other grouted materials are often used. Commercially installed hard tile and stone floors may have random shapes and sizes from 1" x 1" and larger. Hard tiled floors are thick, heavy and expensive, but highly durable and may also be used on walls and decorative construction.

Maintenance depends exclusively on the type of hard tile surface, grout width and type, and general porousness. Some require seals, impregnators or urethanes, while others are already impenetrable and have a factory gloss or matte finish. The most complicated service is keeping the grout lines clean. Often they are improperly sealed or cleaned and become splotchy, stained, brittle or broken. Fortunately, there are some effective methods, though labor intensive, for restoring stubborn grout lines. Additionally, there are even grout dyes available if cleaning fails.

What is the Ceramic and Hard Tile Floor Care Program?

  • Ceramic and Hard Tile Scrub and Rinse
    » Surface scrubbing of hard tiles and grout with 3M power brush and peroxide concentrate with a soak and wash rinse.
    √ Recommended Frequency: 2x Annually
  • Ceramic, Hard Tile and Grout Seal, Impregnation, Dye or Urethane
    » Special quotes can be made available for all hard tile and grout seals. Depends solely on manufacturers specifications.
    √ Recommended Frequency: 1x Annually up to 1x per Decade (As Required Per Manufacturer)
  • Ceramic and Hard Tile Regular Maintenance
    » Dust mop, air vac and wet mop using a mild pH7 Neutral Cleaner. Peroxide/vinegar cleaners are most effective on grout.
    √ Recommended Tip: Do not use stripper and wax on Ceramic and Grout surfaces. Grout will crack; wax will peel.

Recommended Products

We prefer using Grout Colorants and Dyes. Restore Natural Appearance, or Change to a New Color. Repairs Spottiness Caused by Waxes, Oils, and Stains.


We highly recommended using Grout Line Brushes. Useful in removing dirt from grout, corners and edges.  Dislodges dirt when sweeping and mopping passes over.  Can help scrub out a stain from the grout in a pinch.